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Going Back to the Office? Here’s How ZGO Solutions Can Create a Positive Back-to-Work Environment

If your team has been working from home since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a good chance you’re looking for ways to safely return to work. This transition will undoubtedly be challenging as we adjust to life after coronavirus; it’s time to consider your workers’ other needs, including mental health, physical needs, and a positive work environment.

Creating a positive work environment doesn’t have to be stressful, nor does it have to be a mystery. In this blog, our team outlines steps you can take to make the return to work and working environment as positive and supportive as possible.

5 Steps to Creating a Positive Work Environment and Company Culture

Creating a positive work environment is a nuanced process. For people to feel truly comfortable, they need more than just a pleasant physical work environment, but a space that supports their mental health and employee morale as well.

Ready to get started? Here are five factors to consider.

1. Focus on Communication

If you’re anticipating going back to work, start talking about your expectations and needs early, and keep communication open. Hold regular check-ins to hear from your team members. Be honest, stay open, and encourage your employees to do the same.

2. Prioritize Health

What might have been the right choice for your team before the pandemic likely won’t meet their health needs afterward. Take steps to protect your team members’ health, including making sure people stay home when they’re sick. At the end of the day, your employees’ good health is good for your bottom line, so it’s work making sure they have what they need to thrive.

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3. Promote Privacy

Research shows that privacy in the workplace is essential. Additional space, dividers, and distance between workstations can also help protect your workers from viral transmissions in addition to supporting their mental health, well-being, and focus at work. All of our back-to-back products are available with numerous separation panel options. In addition, we now offer an extended lower beam option to create up to 6’ of social distance between users in a back-to-back application. Reach out to your local ZGO Solutions sales member to understand all the ways we can help ensure a safe return to the workplace.

4. Reconfigure Your Workspace

Promoting privacy often requires a new setup. If you’re looking for ways to make this transition easier, our Smart System products are designed with a ‘kit of parts’ mentality to allow the reuse of components when design needs change or workstyles shift. With this shared component concept, workstations can change from group workspaces to socially-distanced individual desks in just minutes flat. By optimizing connection points across our product lines, all components—starting with the leg columns—can be reused and repurposed eliminating waste and the need to purchase new parts.

5. Commit to Wellness

Today, wellness means more than having healthy snacks in the breakroom fridge. Wellness includes other health factors, such as comfort and movement at work. Tools like standing desks are essential for workers to stay comfortable, active, and connected to their bodies and environment.

Shaping a positive workplace culture doesn’t happen overnight. Increasing employee engagement and job satisfaction and reducing absenteeism will be a process. Don’t hesitate to engage with human resources to share your ideas for creating a positive work environment.

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Scandinavian Furniture That’s Ready for the Workspace

Scandinavian furniture is known and celebrated for its minimalism, simple lines, and clean silhouette. However, these pieces don’t have to be limited to your home—Scandinavian designs make a great addition to your office space, too. If you’re ready to bring these classic designs to the office, you’re in the right place. ZGO Solutions offers many lines of Scandinavian height-adjustable desks and tables that are easy to assemble and reconfigure. Even hiding cords and wires is a snap.

However, our Scandinavian roots are only part of the story. ZGO Solutions was founded by an American businessman, Danish visionary, and Chinese engineer, and we draw on all three cultures in everything we do. Our desks promote Zen and mental peace through our extraordinary designs that make assembly, reconfiguration, and organization simple.

Let Us Make Your Back-to-Work Transition Simple

If you’re looking for ways to make the back-to-work transition as painless and positive as possible, don’t wait to reach out to us. We’re proud of our collections of standing desks that are easy to use, easier to assemble, and endlessly re-configurable to meet your office’s changing needs. To learn more, place an order, or speak with a member of our team, fill out this easy online contact form.

We look forward to speaking with you!