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3 Ways ZGO Solutions Equips You to Work Smarter

You’ve heard the saying, “work smarter, not harder.” Perhaps this is even a mindset you work to emulate. While we’re fans of ingenuity, we know that working smarter when you have the right tools are simple, intuitive, and an integrated part of your daily routine.

If you’re looking for ways to optimize your workday, keep reading! In this blog, we outline uncomfortable, outdated, and unintuitive technology that keeps us from being our most healthy and productive selves and simple strategies for making the most of every moment.

Avoid These 4 Roadblocks to Working Smart

When you’re ready to begin working smarter, begin by identifying what’s holding you back and why. We can use current data on what kinds of office spaces and features actually help people be healthier and more efficient and apply the learnings to your own team.

Below, we describe four common factors that hold people back at work.

Not Using Ergonomic Furniture

Technology and design have made incredible strides in recent years. Now, everything we use at work is designed to help us feel healthy, comfortable, and productive. Outdated furniture, especially office chairs and bulky desks that don’t convert to a standing work station, keeps workers in uncomfortable settings, forcing them to ignore their physical needs to get work done. This approach is not only bad for individuals but for their performance as well.

Imbalanced Private and Collaborative Workspace

Studies show that wide-open collaborative spaces and closed-off cubicles are both bad for collaboration and productivity. Workers need a balance of privacy and shared spaces to be at their best, but outdated office layouts work against their efforts.

Completely Automated Systems

Research suggests that completely automated systems lower user satisfaction by taking away their agency. Employees prefer comfortable environments to adjust to suit their specific needs, like using a standing desk or adjustable blinds.

Stressful Environments

Studies show that stressful, uncomfortable environments can lead to higher rates of absenteeism. Stress can be from uncomfortable equipment, noise, temperature, light, and more. By reducing the stress of these easy-to-adjust factors, employee satisfaction—and performance—has room to grow.

3 Ways to Work Smarter (and How ZGO Solutions Can Help)

When you’re at work, you should be able to focus on solving your company’s most pressing problems, innovating, and collaborating, not using your creative energy to get your office setup to work for you.

These four tactics help you work smarter, live better, and make the most of your employees’ time on the clock.

Standing Desks

Standing desks are one of the best office products for employee productivity. Height-adjustable desks allow users to shift and move as they like throughout the day while maintaining their focus at their desks. Transitioning to standing helps workers be more active, offsetting some of the time spent sitting or doing sedentary work—a feature you miss out on with traditional stationary desks.

The ZGO Solution: Our Zen height-adjustable desk collection is the perfect blend of beauty and functionality, empowering users to find health and balance.

Flexible Workspaces

Flexible work is the future of the office. This can include everything from leasing out extra desk space to working from home to having different areas for collaboration and individual work. Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees are looking forward to workspaces that work for them.

The ZGO Solution: Bring balance, flexibility, and wellness to the workplace with benching and back-to-back desk solutions.

Smart Furniture and Solutions

Studies also show that smart desks increase productivity and healthy workplaces. Benefits also appear to increase when the workstation can “learn” user preferences and offer even higher levels of customization.

The ZGO Solution: Smart System™ is ZGO Solutions’ premier smart desk technology. Manage settings, preferences, organization, and more, with colorful choices, privacy screens, and other personalization options.

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Smart Systems: Work Smarter Through Customization

Zen, health, and wellness are part of everything we do. We believe that when people are at their best physically, are comfortable in their environments, and have the right tools, they can do anything.

With roots in Asia and Scandinavia, our team draws on global cultures to create desks that empower you to do your best work, no matter what that work is.

One of the ways we use cutting-edge technology to promote wellness is in our Smart System. A concept based on years of research, we focused on how to best support businesses and people in the varied workstyles needed for today’s work—and tomorrow’s. ZGO’s Smart System products create high performing interiors that are quicker, more affordable, and more sustainable than any other system on the market. Our clean, simple standing desks provide a refreshed look and allow you to configure (and reconfigure) any space together in minutes flat.

Build a Smarter Office With ZGO Solutions

If you’re ready to get started building a smart, ergonomic, inter-connected office, you’re in the right place. Our Smart System is designed to make using a height-adjustable desk a snap from the moment you begin installation to every morning when you first take your seat in the office.

To learn more about our human-centered approach, solutions, and products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We love connecting with passionate professionals and are ready to help you build an office that works for you and your team. To get in touch, fill out this easy online contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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