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How Long Should I Stand Up at My Standing Desk?

Research shows that sitting for too long can cause serious health problems, but when you work at a desk in an office, avoiding sitting completely isn’t always an option. Enter the standing desk: a simple, ergonomic solution that empowers office workers to incorporate active habits into their daily routine.

However, if you’re using a standing desk for the first time, you might be surprised by the fatigue, soreness, and exhaustion the next day. If this has happened to you, don’t give up! Knowing how long to stand at your desk and how to stand correctly will make the difference between feeling healthy and rejuvenated instead of tired and discouraged.

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Figuring Out How Long to Stand at Your  Height-Adjustable Desk

No one time limit will feel good for everyone. Everybody is different, with different levels of stamina, pain, and endurance. How often and how long you stand at your desk depends on you.

Here are three tips for finding the length of time that feels best for you.

Alternate Between Sitting and Standing

One of the biggest mistakes new standing desk users make is standing for hours on end without a break and then feeling sore and fatigued the next day. Avoid the pain by standing and sitting in intervals. Listen to your body; stand when you feel like moving, sit when you feel tired.

Once you’re used to standing at work, you can increase the amount of time you spend standing to naturally build your endurance. We recommend standing after you eat lunch. Not only will standing help with digestion and calorie-burning but it will help you avoid the post-lunch slump by staying alert and focused as well.

Make Sure Your Setup Is Ergonomically Correct

You won’t enjoy standing at your desk if it’s not comfortable. An ergonomic setup will help you feel good and increase standing endurance when your body is not exerting energy over-compensating or feeling unnecessary pain.

To make sure your desk is set up correctly:

  • Make sure you are looking forward at your screen, not down or up
  • The top of your desk should be level with your elbows, making an L shape when you type
  • Avoid slumping while you stand

Standing at your desk should be comfortable; if it’s not, take the time to re-examine your setup. Your body will thank you!

Move in Place While You Stand

You don’t have to stand perfectly still while you work standing up. In fact, wiggling, moving in place, and other movement is part of what makes using a standing desk so beneficial. Listening to your body is also a core component of a Zen mindset, so if you feel the urge to move, dance, or shift your weight, go for it!

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ZGO Solutions Gives Your Team Tools to Be Healthy and Well

ZGO Solutions is proud to have roots in China; a culture of mindfulness and Zen perspective influence everything we build, design, and engineer—including our collections of standing desks.

What sets ZGO Solutions’ height-adjustable desks apart is our commitment to crafting products that help you feel healthy, happy, and productive. We know that you can achieve your goals when you feel connected to body, mindful in the present moment, and doing your best work.

Our goal is to equip workplaces around the world with desks that contribute to their wellbeing through function and form—not just sell you a product.

Get Started Today With ZGO Solutions’ Harbor Collection

Our most comprehensive and versatile collection, the Harbor standing desk line offers users a variety of options, including freestanding, back-to-back, and benching options. No matter what your office configuration or team needs, there’s a Harbor desk that’s ready to rise to the challenge.

Get started designing your healthy, mindful office today. To learn more about our Harbor line, approach to design and wellness, or how we can help you get started, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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