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An entire portfolio of table solutions. Our passion for health, wellness, and balance comes to life.


Smart System Product

Shared Design Logic:

Zen Executive - Dark

An expansive family of products based on a consistent design language, from single-leg tables, to freestanding desks and benches, to executive and collaborative meeting tables. The Zen executive model is one of the few in the industry that provides a true executive solution while staying true to the design elements of the other Zen models.

Intelligent Performance:

ZEN EXE EN new white

Designed with ZGO Solutions’ highly innovative and scalable Smart System components, it allows for 5x faster installation, concealed plug and play power, smart screens, cable management, and more. Zen is also the only desk system with a self-cleaning function for electric legs.

Triangular Legs:


Zen’s unique triangular design offers the highest levels of stability and balance. With its triangular shape and support band, Zen provides the strongest connections of any of our products.


Smart Rim

With only two screws, you can swap out the smart rim and column shape for an all-new design.

Smart Beam

Unparalleled stability.
Minimal assembly.
Cable tray management.
Reusable across product collections.

Smart Cable Management

Hide power cables.
Hide connection cables.
Do it in a clean, seamless way.

Smart Screen

Simply drop our customizable screen in place, don't even bother with the screws.

Smart Top Frame

With our lock & click handle connection, assembly has never been easier.

Smart Trim

Add an extra pop of color to your desk’s feet or end pipe.

Smart Trim

Add an extra pop of color to your desk’s feet or end pipe.

Smart Trim

Add an extra pop of color to your desk’s feet or end pipe.

Smart System™

Introducing the Smart System, an intelligent and innovative approach to height adjustable table frames. The Smart System includes new accessories and components for seamless install and integration.

5x Faster Installation

Quick Connections

Cable Management

Privacy Options

Access to Color