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Smart System™

Redefining the Traditional Height Adjustable Table

Get Smart. An intelligent and innovative approach to height adjustable table frames, the Smart System is a collection of components that provide uncompromising stability, simplified assembly, and unlimited design options. The Smart System provides 5x faster installation with less than half of the components and materials required for traditional installation methods.


Smart Rim

With only two screws, you can swap out the smart rim and column shape for an all-new design.

Smart Beam

Unparalleled stability.
Minimal assembly.
Cable tray management.
Reusable across product collections.

Smart Cable Management

Hide power cables.
Hide connection cables.
Do it in a clean, seamless way.

Smart Screen

Simply drop our customizable screen in place, don't even bother with the screws.

Smart Top Frame

With our lock & click handle connection, assembly has never been easier.

Smart Trim

Add an extra pop of color to your desk’s feet or end pipe.

Smart Trim

Add an extra pop of color to your desk’s feet or end pipe.

Smart Trim

Add an extra pop of color to your desk’s feet or end pipe.

Explore a Smarter Approach to the Workplace

5x Faster Installation

Quick Connections


Cable Management


Privacy Options


Access to Color


From sleek to colorful, the combinations are endless

When you customize your smart desk system, you can choose grounding colors or colors that excite the mind in any combination! Contact our team to learn more about all the Smart System options.


Smart Rim

The central component to the Smart System, the Smart Rim is responsible for the connection of all Smart components. The Smart Rim features a 2-screw installation process for faster installation and easy reconfigurations.

Smart Beam

Working in tandem with the Smart Rim and the overall structure, the Smart Beam provides unparalleled stability and strength with minimal assembly.

Page 10 Smart Power Beam

Smart Top Frame

With 5x faster installation compared to traditional construction, the Quick Connect system of our Smart Top Frame facilitates easy installation and reconfiguration with one simple step.

Page 11 Smart Scissor
Page 11 Smart Cable Tray

Smart Cable Management

A cleaner way to hide cables without compromising the design of the desk. The scissor-shaped cord manager moves seamlessly as the user adjusts the desk. The top cable tray easily clicks into the tabletop, while providing the option for tabletop power.

Page 11 Smart Scissor
Smart Scissor2
Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 9.28.11 AM

Smart Trim Options

Add an extra pop of color to your desk’s feet or trim in any of our standard colors or in your own custom brand color. All of our Smart System components are available in colorful parts.

Smart Screen

An innovative, uncomplicated connection from screen to beam. No secondary attachment required. Customize the Smart Screen color in any color combination imaginable.