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About ZGO Solutions

Mission and Values

To preserve the world through sustainable design while bringing balance and zen to every workspace.

Our Values

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One World
Creating globally sustainable products

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One Life
 Adding balance and simplicity to every office


One Body
 Developing products that improve health and wellness  

One World

Our Global Sustainability Initiatives

At ZGO Solutions, sustainability means more than just creating sustainable products. True sustainability means applying a sustainable mindset to everything we do. From our manufacturing facilities to our design processes, we continuously strive to decrease our global ecological footprint. We also encourage our customers and partners to consider how their practices and products affect the environment, and we provide educational blog articles about sustainability to help them.

Our Environmental Goals

  • Develop more efficient ways to use production resources
  • Increase recycling of all manufacturing and production materials
  • Explore the use of renewable raw materials
  • Reduce waste and emissions in all operations

One Life

The ZGO Solutions Design Story

We are a partner of SPFE Scandinavian Frame Solutions, a Scandinavian and Chinese-based office solutions company. We draw inspiration from the bold colors of traditional Chinese design elements and the timeless Scandinavian design principles of beauty, simplicity, and functionality.

Scandinavian Design — Beautiful Simplicity

The Scandinavian aesthetic emphasizes minimalism, clean lines, and comfortable functionality. Many associate the Scandinavian design style with the Danish and Norwegian word “hygge,” which describes a feeling of coziness and contentment. The neutral designs and textures of the style often pair with colorful accents to create a look that’s both natural and eye-catching.

Zen and Global — Our Most Aesthetic Collections

While all of our products gather inspiration from Scandinavian design principles, two of our collections, Global and Zen, draw most directly from the Scandinavian style.

Balance and calm. Our passion for health, wellness, and balance come to life, the Zen Collection grew out of our desire to bring balance, peace, and wellness to every office.

Simply beautiful. Add a global touch to your desk designs with the Global Collection, which projects balance and calm with a circular leg design.

One Body

We’re Passionate About Health and Wellness

ZGO Solutions is dedicated to promoting health and wellness in every office. Our extensive product line of height-adjustable table frames gives users a way to stretch their legs and remain active regardless of their desk configurations. Users can control the exact height of their desk whether they’re working alone or collaboratively in a back-to-back, bench-style, or cluster-style desking application.

Our desk frames not only allow users to switch between sitting and standing but also let every user adjust their desk to the perfect height for their body. The personalized ergonomics of our frames create a more comfortable working environment and improve users’ mood and productivity.

In addition to designing and manufacturing height adjustable table frames, we also provide educational tips for improving wellness in the office in our Health and Wellness blogs.

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