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Why Zen Matters in Your (Home) Office

Zen is the practice of connecting with our bodies and breaths in the present and appreciating the tactile experiences around us. With roots in Eastern philosophy and religion, Zen principles are focused on inner peace, connection to our best selves, and awakening to who we are.

Many people rely on finding Zen through meditation. But if you want to introduce peace into your work life and space, there’s not always time to sit and meditate — especially when you’re working from a makeshift home office and sharing your space with kids, pets, significant others, and all sorts of distractions.

Fortunately, there are other ways you can bring a peaceful Zen atmosphere to your workspace if you’re working from home due to COVID-19, and you can bring these principles back with you when we return to our offices (hopefully soon).

Creating Zen in Your Home Office

Implementing Zen design elements in our workspaces is a way to practice self-care by creating beautiful, peaceful spaces for ourselves as we work. When we feel calm and can lower our stress levels, we’re less likely to end up sick or tired, and our work performance is at its best. And when you understand the Zen perspective, introducing Zen design elements is simple.

To introduce Zen into your office, focus on creating quiet workspaces so you can concentrate on your work and connect with your critical thinking abilities. Zen meditation requires quiet and calm. Sitting should be comfortable so you can connect with your thoughts and pay attention to your breathing.

Many people who practice Zen meditation wear loose, comfortable clothing and practice good posture while they meditate. You can take a similar approach by making your workstation comfortable and accommodating. We recommend using a height-adjustable chair and desk. Being able to change position, especially from sitting to standing, is a great way to connect with your body. Plus, standing while working is one of the best ways to avoid long sedentary periods that are detrimental to your health and wellness.

You can also promote feelings of tranquility by lighting scented candles or using a diffuser with essential oils, especially when you use soothing scents like lavender or cedar. Natural light is also an essential component of Zen design. Position your desk or workstation near a window and take advantage of the calming natural light. As a bonus, sitting in front of a window means you’ll be front-lit for video calls, which generally creates a more natural and flattering appearance.

How to Create a Zen Office Space

When you return to work, you can adopt the same principles you applied at home to keep your space quiet and calm: reduce noise, incorporate calming colors, increase comfort, and encourage good posture. Clear your desk of unnecessary office supplies, gadgets, and papers. Hang wall art that you love or mementos that remind you of loved ones.

Desks with privacy screens add a layer of solitude back into open office layouts, supporting peace and focus. For additional Zen elements, personalize your space using calming, cool colors, like blue or green, to promote peaceful feelings.

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Zen Principles, Intuitive Solutions

At ZGO Solutions, we are dedicated to promoting health and wellness in every office. Our Zen desk line draws on minimalist elements of Scandinavian culture while promoting the best of Zen design principles — balance, peace, and calm.

Our high-quality Zen office desks are height-adjustable and come in a variety of styles and privacy options. With a desking solution from our Zen collection, you can remain comfortable and connected to your body as you work throughout the day. And with access to colorful components, you can introduce a new level of personal expression and visual appeal into your workspace.

ZGO Solutions: Your Source for Zen Desking Solutions

Our Zen collection puts health and wellness first because we know that when you’re comfortable and calm, your work reflects your positive mood.

If you’d like to learn more about how our line of Zen desks can make your office more comfortable, calm, and productive, don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact us today and get started building your custom Zen desking solution.


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