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What Scandinavian Design Gets Right About Ergonomics and Zen

Though they come from different cultures, the Scandinavian design tradition and Zen philosophy each bring something unique to interior design. And together, these ideas can create a workspace that combines beauty and minimalism, inspires a sense of peace and balance, and improves productivity and wellbeing.

In this article, we’ll explore how Scandinavian design and Zen philosophy can come together in harmony to inform workplace design and improve employees’ health and productivity.

How Scandinavian Design Brings Purpose to the Office

Scandinavian design is known for its minimalist approach and sleek, clean lines. Furniture solutions are designed to be simple yet dependable and beautiful. Scandinavian design minimizes unnecessary clutter and maximizes function and simplicity to create spaces that give the user what they need. Scandinavian design also draws heavily from nature and often incorporates neutral tones and bright, open spaces to cultivate inspiration and productivity.

Today’s office is geared toward flexibility and employee wellness, and Scandinavian design is uniquely qualified to meet those goals. Office furniture should be smart, comfortable, beautiful, and uncomplicated, and it should also support the ever-changing needs of the user. The work environment must accommodate focus, collaboration, and the ability to modify physical space as necessary for the task at hand.

The versatility of Scandinavian design goes beyond the furniture itself. Beautiful art pieces, dedicated spaces for individual work and collaboration, and easy access to tools can improve productivity and make an office space feel like home for an employee team.

To apply Scandinavian design in common areas for teamwork, include plenty of table space to review projects and organize ideas. Keep writing utensils and other materials handy and arrange cords so they are out of the way. When designing waiting areas, consider the spatial relationships of the furniture. Guests should be able to move naturally through the space without interrupting others.

Zen Brings Focus and Calm to Workspaces

Zen is a meditative practice that emerged from China in the 7th century. A blend of Buddhist and Taoist traditions that has yielded many interpretations, Zen focuses on the connection between mind and body. Meditation is a key component of Zen and is used to achieve balance, peace, and calm. Turning inward to experience awareness, openness, and intention are also central to practicing Zen.

Though meditation is a great way to become more aware of ourselves and improve our connection to the world around us, it’s not the only way. Using a height adjustable desk or table enables you to experience a direct connection between your body and your environment. As you transition from a seated position to a standing one, you can relieve tension and become more aware of how you feel and what your body needs.

Having a Zen office doesn’t necessarily mean designating spaces for meditation. Integrating Zen principles into a work environment can take many forms. Think of the workspace from a sensory perspective: textures, shapes, and colors can all influence employees’ moods and attitudes. Consider enhancing workspaces with plants, warm lighting, and calming colors like blue and green that invite a sense of peace.

Scandinavian Design and Zen: Building a Better Desk

Scandinavian design and the principles of Zen complement each other well. Where Scandinavian design prioritizes accessibility and function, Zen principles embody connection and intention. When ideas from the two traditions combine, the design possibilities are endless. With Zen philosophy in mind, office environments become calming spaces that balance a need for focus and teamwork. Simple, beautiful Scandinavian design solutions add functionality without disrupting the peaceful atmosphere.

When creating an office space inspired by Scandinavian design and Zen, pay attention to how workstations are organized. Use privacy screens to support employee needs for focus and peace while preserving the possibility of communication and collaboration.

Don’t forget about the possibilities that color offers. Using color in your office can not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but improve employees’ moods and outlooks. Sometimes, you only need a subtle touch of color, which you can achieve with office furniture that lets you choose customizable, colorful components.

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Zen and Scandinavian Design in the Home Office

Zen and Scandinavian design know no boundaries, so you can bring ideas from both traditions into your home office just as easily as a shared workspace. For example, you can:

  • Arrange your office to streamline your workflows and make the space feel more functional
  • Remove nonessential objects from your work area to avoid distractions and encourage focus
  • Use natural light to brighten your workspace and inspire calm
  • Use an ergonomic, adjustable chair and desk to prevent fatigue and improve your mind-body connection

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Bring Zen and Scandinavian Design to Your Office With ZGO Solutions

At ZGO Solutions, we’re proud to create globally inspired desking solutions that bring Scandinavian design and Zen to offices worldwide. Whether you need to equip your team with standing desks and flexible workstations or you want to incorporate a sit-stand desk in your home office, ZGO Solutions is here to help.

We have a variety of desk collections that bring beautiful, functional solutions to your office space. One of our collections that captures the essence of Scandinavian design and Zen philosophy is the Zen collection. Our passion for balance and wellness comes together in this versatile desk line, making any office space more functional and beautiful.

Want to learn more about our offerings, ask or question, or say hello? We’d love to hear from you.

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