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What Is Scandinavian Design and How Can It Make a Better Desk?

 As Scandinavian design and style gain popularity worldwide, it can be easy to lose sight of the original inspiration — simplicity, function, and form. However, we believe that when we remain focused on the timeless ideas behind Scandinavian design, we can create functional solutions that make any space more inviting, calming, and versatile.

In this blog, we’ll highlight the history and influences of Scandinavian design and explain how ZGO Solutions has incorporated those principles, plus elements of Zen, into our desk collections.

What Are the Principles of Scandinavian Design?

Modern Scandinavian design has a long, rich history. To fully appreciate the contemporary design work we know and love today, we must examine art history.

The Realism movement in the 19th century focused on detailed, highly realistic art and design. However, the ornate decorative aspects of the style detracted from the furniture’s usability. Pieces looked beautiful but were poorly made and hard to use.

As a result, modernist and art nouveau movements soon followed. Simple, nature-inspired lines and dedication to function replaced excessive detail. Scandinavian design is one branch that developed from these more minimalist and modern styles. Modernist design gained a substantial following in the 1960s, and recently it has enjoyed a cultural revival.

The cornerstones of Scandinavian design are:

  • Function
  • Form
  • Simplicity

However, beauty remains a critical component in Scandinavian design, and objects need to maintain their visual appeal through simple shapes and clean lines.

What makes Scandinavian design unique is the approach to craftsmanship. Objects are designed to be simple and functional, including only what the user needed. Much of Scandinavian furniture design is considered a “democratic” design movement. The intent is that everyone can enjoy the furniture, no matter who they are or where they come from.

In the Scandinavian design tradition, furniture should do what it’s meant to do, look good while doing it, and only include essential components. This mindset is especially helpful when you’re designing functional spaces like offices.

Office furniture should help workers achieve their goals, not distract from getting great work done. Beautiful furniture and furnishings might look good, but as we learned from the Realism movement, aesthetic appeal isn’t particularly helpful if it fails to help the user achieve their goals (or even actively impedes them).

ZGO Solutions’ Scandinavian Roots

ZGO Solutions was born of a multicultural partnership spanning three continents and cultures. One of our founders, who is Danish, had a vision for a curated line of desk and workplace solutions that would empower people to live healthy, balanced lives at work. These desks needed to function intuitively, look beautiful, and only include the essential components — nothing that would distract the user from doing great work.

To accomplish this goal, we blended Chinese Zen philosophy with Scandinavian design principles. Our desks and desking solutions are beautiful, functional, and designed to promote balance and peace.

The result? Seven brilliantly designed desk collections and an integrated Smart System that redefines the traditional sit-stand desk.

Our desking solutions stay true to the three primary Scandinavian design principles of function, form, and simplicity:

  • Function: ZGO Solutions desks and workstations are designed to help you achieve your best work. Cord-concealing technology, sit-to-stand functionality, and easy-to-use technology integrations enable our desks to meet your needs seamlessly.
  • Form: We focus on clean, simple designs that elevate any office. And with custom color component options, your ZGO Solutions desks can be as individual as they are functional.
  • Simplicity: We streamline our desks and focus on the design decisions and details that matter most.

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Ready to Bring Scandinavian Design to Your Office?

We’re proud to create desking solutions that bring beauty, Zen, and functionality to offices worldwide. Whether you need to equip your team with standing desks and flexible workstations or you want to incorporate a sit-stand desk in your home office, ZGO Solutions is here to help.

We have a variety of desk collections that bring beautiful, functional solutions to your office space. One of our collections that captures the essence of Scandinavian design is the Zen collection. Our passion for balance and wellness comes together in this versatile desk line, making any office space more functional and beautiful.

Want to learn more about our offerings, ask or question, or say hello? We’d love to hear from you.


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