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Use These 4 Minimalist Scandinavian Design Staples to Create a Better Workplace Experience

Whether you’ve been working from home for the last 18 months, or you’ve been in the office the entire time, many workers are seeing their workspaces with fresh eyes and realizing it needs a revamp.

If you’re ready to give your office space a fresh, new feel, you’re in the right place. This blog explores how to improve work experiences with minimalist Scandinavian design, and office desks created to promote that exact goal with a bit of Zen.

4 Scandinavian Design Staples to Bring New Life to Your Workspace

Scandinavian design gained popularity in the mid-20th century in the years after World War II. With clean lines, light color palettes, and minimalist features, it’s not surprising that we’re again turning to the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design to bring a bit of calm and comfort to our workplaces. Here are four design techniques to incorporate in your office space.

1. Use Light and Space, Not Stuff

Less really is more. Scandinavian design distills the décor down to items that support the theme of simple beauty and are meaningful on their own.

Eliminating clutter and choosing refined colors makes room for light and empty space to offer their own beauty. While decluttering a well-loved office space can be a challenge, it’s worth it. Plus, eliminating unnecessary elements aligns with the Zen principle of letting go and focusing on those things that truly enrich our experiences.

If you don’t know where to start, look for areas that don’t have a meaningful focal point, such as:

  • Walls with generic art that doesn’t reflect your brand
  • Catch-all corners with boxes and random equipment
  • Surfaces with outdated (or just too many) tchotchkes

To reduce the clutter and lackluster appearance of necessary papers, supplies, and equipment, invest in simple, attractive storage and smart techniques, such as:

  • Benches that double as cabinets
  • Small trays or boxes for pins, staples, paperclips, writing utensils, etc.
  • Room dividers to hide bulky equipment, like copy machines
  • Cord and cable concealment strategies

ZGO Solutions is a huge proponent of “less is more,” and our minimalist Scandinavian desk designs and cable management system keep your workspaces uncluttered.

2. Bring Natural, Outdoor Elements In

Scandinavia is a beautiful place. It only makes sense that its people would use the plants, wood, and neutral colors of the landscape to decorate indoors.

Not only do natural elements look great as interior décor, but their simple beauty is calming and inspiring at the same time; could anything be more Zen?

If you’re ready to add a natural touch to your office, there’s no need to fill every wall or surface—a few attractive touches will do the trick:

  • Suspend small, smooth, tree limbs or rustic wooden ladders from the ceiling and hang plants from them.
  • Place real potted plants of various sizes here and there. Remember to be sure you can meet their light and water needs.
  • Choose glass, ceramic, or porcelain over plastic when possible.
  • Consider subtle accents of faux fur and leather furniture and wall hangings.

3. Support Craftsmanship, Be Sustainable

True Scandinavian design isn’t about trendy furniture that might only last a few years. It’s about craftsmanship, which values detail, quality, and sustainability over fast, mass production

When you choose height-adjustable desks from ZGO Solutions, you can trust that they’re scalable, sustainable, and beautifully designed as well. Your desking and table systems can evolve as your company grows, whether that means integrating tech, privacy, or even aesthetic elements for an enhanced environment and increased productivity.

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4. Include Patterns and Textures

Despite its emphasis on light space and minimalism, Scandinavian style doesn’t demand an absence of patterns and textures; the key is to find a balance.

You can achieve this in your office with:

  • Soft, neutral color schemes
  • Tile on the walls the floor
  • Macrame wall hangings or plant hangers
  • Area rugs
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Wall art featuring natural elements

Textures and patterns in an office space are inviting. They’re also a great way to express your brand personality!

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ZGO Solutions’ Global Collection Enhances Your Workplace Experience

Scandinavian design is in our DNA—and we’re passionate about equipping offices around the world with the tools people need to move their work further. The Global collection from ZGO Solutions is the perfect complement to the Scandinavian interior design movement and offices that are simply looking for intuitive workstations that help their team feel better at work.

Talk to ZGO Solutions About Using Scandinavian and Zen Concepts in Your Office Refresh

Whether you’re looking for a basic computer desk, corner desk, or executive desk, the clean lines and ergonomics of our products will suit that desire for Nordic-inspired modern design.

ZGO Solutions was founded on the concepts of Scandinavian design and East Asian Zen. We deeply value the four design staples discussed in this article and are passionate about creating standing desks that help you incorporate them in your professional or home office.

To learn more about the Global collection and other ZGO products, please call the office nearest you or use the simple contact form on our site. We look forward to speaking with you!



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