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Use Color Theory to Create Zen in the Workplace

Color has the power to impact our lives, from what we feel to how we behave.  In the workplace, color has extraordinary power as well. Not only can color help you boost productivity, encourage collaboration, and inspire creativity, but it can also promote a Zen mindset and harmony.

Understanding the foundations of color theory and Zen principles is the key to crafting a work environment that supports your employees and meets your company’s needs. This blog will review the foundations of color theory, how it connects to Zen principles, and simple steps you can take to create a more Zen workplace.

Color Theory 101

Color is the way our eyes perceive different wavelengths of light. Colors are arranged in “order” in a circle called the color wheel. Using the color wheel, colors are broken down into primary colors (red, blue, and yellow), secondary colors (orange, green, and purple), and tertiary colors (red-orange, yellow-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, yellow-green, blue-green).

Using colors in different combinations based on their place in the color wheel affects the perception and experience of the images we see, products we use, and spaces we inhabit. For instance, red-green color combinations, which are opposite on the color wheel, are bold and energetic. A blue-green color palette, two colors that are next to each other on the wheel, is more soothing and calming.

If this sounds like nonsense, consider: there’s a reason you’re more likely to paint a bedroom a relaxing forest green rather than an energetic lime. Colors have power over the energy in a room.

Colors also mean different things depending on the other colors they’re paired with; the culture in which you’re experiencing them; and the color’s saturation, tone, and hue.

These principles complement a Zen mindset. Zen is all about being present in the moment, focusing on what matters, and connecting with your body. By incorporating elements of colors into your workspace that helps you relax, focus, and stay in the present, you’ll be able to achieve more and feel better doing it. And, you don’t even need to repaint your walls to reap the benefits!

Three Easy Ways to Promote Zen Using Color Theory

Whether you have an art degree or simply want your workspace to feel more Zen, these color theory-based strategies will help you create a workspace that not only looks beautiful but promotes a Zen mindset as well.

Incorporate Blue Tones to Promote Tranquility

Blue is almost universally considered harmonious and calm. Introduce blue tones in areas where you need to come to agreements, such as board or meeting rooms, or in high-traffic areas, such as lobbies or shared workspaces. Light blue walls add a calming touch, or consider integrating blue elements into your workspaces with colorful privacy screens.

Use Greens to Boost Mood

In many cultures, the color green symbolizes life and vitality. Studies show that growing things, especially desk plants, are good for you, your mood, and productivity. Harness the power of green by painting a bold green statement wall, integrating green office furniture, or by introducing plants around the office.

Adopt Yellow Elements to Encourage Creativity

One of the most energetic colors on the color wheel, yellow can easily become overwhelming if not used sparingly. To promote creative thinking and original ideas, include yellow elements like art, flowers, or furniture fixings like privacy screens.

ZGO Solutions: Promoting Zen and Using Color Theory

At ZGO Solutions, we integrate color theory principles and Zen perspectives into everything we do. Our company has deep roots in China and Chinese cultures. We craft every product—from our standing desks to colorful components—with attention to detail, creativity, and the goal of helping people like you achieve harmonious, creative, and beautiful workspaces.

Our line of colorful components is one of the simplest ways to introduce Zen elements into your office. We can match any frame color in the Pantone book to match your brand identity and color palette. We have also developed accent pieces that can be added to existing frames allowing you to refresh your color palette and workspace at will. With a wide range of different colors in our catalog, and custom colors available upon request, we have the Zen solution you’ve been looking for.

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ZGO Solutions: Bringing Zen to the Spaces That Matter Most

Ready to get started creating a Zen office space using color and harmony? Don’t wait to get in touch! In addition to our line of colorful components, our lines of height-adjustable desks are designed with both ergonomics and sustainability in mind.

To ensure your office space is peaceful, harmonious, and Zen, we also offer innovative, customizable solutions for cable management, stability, and quick connections.


Ready to get started with your Zen office and desk solutions? Contact us today to learn more.