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Understand the Hidden Connection Between Zen and Productivity

When you think of “Zen,” you may imagine meditation and stillness. Work, productivity, and task lists are not what frequently comes to mind. But did you know that Zen principles can make work life not only more productive but more joyful and rewarding as well?

At ZGO Solutions, Zen is in our DNA. We build our products to promote Zen and productivity so you can enhance your workday and your life. Keep reading to learn how Zen principles are connected to productivity and what that connection means for how you work.

Zen Principles Can Support Productivity

Zen is a principle and meditation tool that encourages people to connect with the present. In a Zen mindset, people accept what is and don’t judge themselves for feeling a certain way. This perspective is enriched through practices like meditation that connect people to their bodies and the present moment.

While there are many ways to foster a Zen practice, there are consistent themes:

  • Practice connecting with your body and surroundings to be in the moment
  • Enjoy the present by finding things to delight in
  • Focus on process and rituals that support and improve your way of living

Achieving a Zen mindset at work is no different. By applying thoughtful actions and the right tools, a Zen mentality can help you be more relaxed, peaceful, and productive.

To Connect With Your Body, Use a Height Adjustable Desk

Focusing on the present moment is one of the core elements of Zen. At work, stay connected to your body by paying attention to how you’re feeling. When you need to move, switch your height adjustable desk to the standing position to honor your body’s needs and continue working in a position that’s most comfortable for you. Not only will appropriate posture adjustments help you feel more relaxed and calmer, but studies suggest that standing desk users are more productive on average than their seated counterparts.

To Focus on the Present, Avoid Clutter and Seek Beauty

Cutting down on clutter is one of the simplest ways to boost productivity. To get started, clear papers, trinkets, and odds and ends off your desk. Explore innovative ways to hide laptop, monitor, and other power cables using ZGO Solutions’ cable management products. What to keep on your desk instead? Choose a photo or two that brings you joy, a note from a loved one, or even a candle. For built-in aesthetic appeal and personalization, choose a ZGO Solutions standing desk from our Zen collection that’s customizable with colorful elements at the feet and end pipe.

Keep a Desk Plant

Taking care of a desk plant has been proven to boost productivity, increase creativity, and inspire people to be more energetic throughout the day. Not only is this excellent news for people looking for ways to boost their productivity, but the ritual of plant care is great for developing a Zen mindset, too.

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What Zen Means to Us at ZGO Solutions

ZGO Solutions was founded by a multinational team from America, Scandinavia, and China. Our desks, workstations, and office solutions promote Zen and productivity through their very design, which draws from our cultures and perspectives.

As an international team working together, we understand that balance, harmony, and positive energy are essential for office furniture that looks beautiful and helps you live a more fulfilling and productive life. We strive to create the tools you need to stay productive and balanced every day.

Bring Zen to Your Workplace With ZGO Solutions

If you need simple, pleasing ways to boost productivity, look no further than our Zen desks. Desks in this collection are designed to reduce visual clutter, can be customized with your company’s colors, and help users stay grounded in the present by adjusting to whatever height suits them best.

To learn more about our Zen height-adjustable desk collection, find out how to bring Zen to your office, or get more information about ZGO Solutions, please reach out to us. We love speaking with passionate professionals about how we can help you solve your office challenges and bring Zen and productivity to your workplace. To get in touch, fill out this easy online contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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