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The 5 Most Important Features in a Standing Desk

If you’re in the market for standing desks for your company, the choices can be overwhelming. Narrowing down the right design, style, and function can feel like an impossible task when what you really need is a desk that will help you get to work.

We get it. We believe height-adjustable workstations should improve your working life, not introduce more stress to the decision-making process. Our company is a global manufacturer of standing desks and height-adjustable workstations, and we take immense pride and care in our designs. In this blog, we’ve distilled our years of experience and expertise into the five most important standing desk features to look for and consider as you shop.

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1. Adjustability

Your standing desk should work for you, which is why easy-to-use adjustability settings and features are so important. The right standing desk is easy to adjust and can meet the broad range of height ranges required for the traditional office. All of ZGO’s 3-stage frames meet ANSI/BIFMA G1 compliant height ranges so users can assume comfortable postures when completing their tasks.

However, adjustability shouldn’t be limited to individual user settings. The best standing desk should be easy to configure and reconfigure, letting you swap out colorful components and other parts, and even adjust elements like leg shape when you’re ready for something different.

2. Ease of Assembly

Many companies claim they offer a height-adjustable table that is fast and easy to assemble, but nobody can actually prove it like we can. With over 33 authorized utility and design patents, our Smart System concept showcases how a frame can go from box to full assembly in a matter of minutes. Our smart, quick connect top frame features a “lock & click” handle bar attachment from column to frame. No screws. No drilling. Just lock the handle bars in place and the frame is fully stabilized. Our smart back-to-back requires only 36 total screw connections (yes—we counted), reducing up to 70% of the total materials needed for a traditional back-to-back assembly.

By optimizing our connection points, whether you need an individual workstation or a group back-to-back, our Smart System products reduce the amount of materials, components, and labor to speed up your schedule and stretch your budget.

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3. Cable Management

Your desk can be a clutter hotspot—whether it’s your collection of pens, meeting notes, or cords and cables from your laptop, monitor, and other electronics. Managing that clutter is an essential part of staying focused at work (and a tenet of ZGO Solutions’ design ethos). Our patented systems are designed to keep cord clutter out of sight and out of mind so you can focus on what matters most: doing great work. When you’re shopping for standing desks, look for built-in cable management systems, so you and your team don’t waste time untangling cords later.

4. Weight Capacity

Your desk should make work possible—not limit what you can achieve. Whether your desk is holding a single laptop or a complex system of monitors, speakers, printers, and non-work-related items to spruce up your workspace, every employee needs a desk that can accommodate significant weight whenever they need it. Our Global freestanding two-leg desk supports the most robust workstation needs, offering a 264-pound load capacity.

5. Design and Style

Just because you need a functional workstation, that doesn’t mean it should come at the expense of your style. At ZGO Solutions, we rely on our Scandinavian roots to design sleek, minimalist standing desks that not only help you work better but are beautiful as well.

Plus, the Global desk’s color, surface, and components can be customized to suit your individual company’s branding. Our Global line of desking solutions is simple, elegant, and brings a global feel to any office or workspace.

Global Desk Collection: A World of Opportunity, in Your Office

With roots in cultures from around the world, ZGO Solutions is proud to offer desking solutions that meet all of your needs—from the need for a functional workstation to your need for beauty in your everyday life.

To learn more about Global standing desks from ZGO Solutions and how our ergonomic office solutions are proven to improve health, happiness, and productivity, please contact us today. We’re excited to hear from you and develop the ideal solution for you and your employees!

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