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Smart System Is Redefining Traditional Height-Adjustable Work Desks

The market for standing desks only continues to grow. Despite increasing demand, most standing desks continue to be complicated and tedious to assemble. ZGO Solutions saw an opportunity to redefine heightadjustable desks, and after years of research and development, Smart System™ was born.  

Smart System gives users the power to assemble, customize, and endlessly reconfigure their standing desks faster, more efficiently, and without the need for power tools. In this article, we outline how. Keep reading to learn more.  

Smart System Redefines Norms With Scandinavian Design 

Like all our height adjustable desk solutions, Smart System stays true to three primary Scandinavian design principles:  

  1. Function: Our desks and workstations are specifically designed to help you achieve your best work.  
  2. Form: We focus on clean, simple designs that can elevate any work or home office. 
  3. Simplicity: We streamline oudesks to focus on the design decisions and details that matter most to you. 

Smart System takes these principles a step further. While the design embodies function, form, and simplicity, the user experience is on the same level. When users need to assemble, reconfigure, or customize their workstations, our Smart System makes the process simple and easyand with mere minutes of assembly time required, it’s unlike any other product on the market.  

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3 Ways Smart System Redefines the Way You Work 

If you’re used to height-adjustable desks being complex, difficult to assemble, and uncustomizable, you’ll love our Smart System. Here are three ways Smart System sets a new standard for the industry and redefines the way you work. 

5x Faster Installation 

Less than half of the components and materials are required compared to traditional stand up desk installation methods. In fact, our Smart System back-to-backs require only 36 total screw connections (yes, we counted), eliminating up to 70% of total materials used compared to other solutions on the market.  

Endlessly Reconfigurable  

ZGO Smart System products are built to sustain change, so they can adapt without major renovations and cost. With the shared component concept of our Smart System, you can change workstations easily with just a few extra parts. All the componentsfrom leg columns to bottom beamscan be reused and repurposed eliminating the need to purchase new parts or hold large amounts of inventory. 

Access to Color 

Choose between our 20 standard colors (or your own custom color option) to add an extra pop of color to any Smart System desk system for ultimate brand expression. 

You also can easily manage settings, preferences, organization, and more, with colorful choices, privacy screens, and other personalization options. Want to learn more? Please don’t hesitate to reach out 

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Intelligent Design Makes Work Simple  

The Smart System is like no other product on the market—and backed by 33 total patents to prove it. By focusing on an intelligent, user-centered design approach, a Smart System product features innovative and customizable components which offer painless installation, cable management, stability, and quick connections:   

  • Smart Rim: The central component responsible for connection features a two-screw process for fast installation and easy reconfiguration—no power tools needed. Using our patented, Smart Rimwe eliminate the need to drill into leg columns so that columns can be 100% reused and repurposed. Unlike the traditional, welded bottom beam to column connection, our non-mechanical Smart Rim to column attachment enables change, wherever and whenever you need it. 
  • Smart Beam: Working in tandem with the Smart Rim, the Smart Beam provides unparalleled stability and strength with minimal assembly. The Smart Beam provides a more rigid and accurate structure that ensures failure free movement of the columns, not possible with conventional sheet metal construction. 
  • Smart Top Frame: Our smart, quick connect top frame features a “lock and click” handle bar attachment from column to frame. No screws. No drilling. Just lock the handle bars in place and the frame is fully stabilized. 
  • Smart Cable Management: A cleaner way to hide cables without compromising desk design or style 
  • Smart Trim: Add color to your desk’s feet or trim in any of our standard colors. Our unique colorful accent parts snap into the cantilever and feet and can be easily changed to provide endless amounts of moods and designs with little to no investment. 
  • Smart Screen: Designed exclusively for ZGO Solutions back-to-back desks, the smart screen is the first screen to offer both privacy and cable management. The dual screen approach keeps all cables hidden in between panels and provides an active, pin-able surface. 

Whether you have a large commercial project to fulfill or want to offer clients a versatile, sustainable option, the Smart System is ready to help you meet your unique needs.   

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ZGO Solutions: Your Source for Beautiful, Functional Work Desk Solutions 

ZGO Solutions is dedicated to promoting health, wellness, and sustainability in every office. Our Smart System gives you a way to stretch your legs, assemble and reconfigure without stress, and save on purchasing new office furniture by crafting products that last 

Get started designing your healthy, mindful office today. To learn more about the Smart System desk system, our approach to design and wellness, or how we can help you offer clients a heightadjustable desk that works for them, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

We look forward to speaking with you!