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Small Office Interior Design Hacks for Home or Work

Whether you’re working from home or working from your desk in the office, the space surrounding you has an impact on your work. This is especially apparent when your workspace is small or cramped, which often negatively impacts your productivity, efficiency, and mood.

Just because a workspace is small doesn’t mean that it’s doomed. With a little bit of creativity, you can transform a cramped workspace into something you look forward to spending time in every day.

At ZGO Solutions, functional and inspirational workspaces—both at home and in the office—are our specialty. Here are a few of our favorite ways to transform a small office interior into a space that works better.

Use Zen Principles in Your Small Office Space Design

We bring a Zen mindset to everything we do at ZGO Solutions. This means observing our environments with fresh eyes, like we’re seeing the world for the first time in order to appreciate its beauty, challenges, and opportunities.

No matter if you’re working at home or in the office, or a large space or a small one, these interior Zen-inspired design tips will help you craft a space that’s beautiful and functional.

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Prioritize Flexibility

Multi-functional spaces let you make the most of a small office. If one segment of your workspace is designated for a sole activity such as meetings, a sitting room, or a lunch area, you might be missing out on valuable space that can get more use for a variety of purposes. To maximize your square footage, think about what space your office needs, and look for ways to integrate solutions.

For instance, adding a whiteboard to a sitting space or lunch area instantly makes it suitable for team meetings.

Use Color Theory to Design a Larger-Feeling Office

If you want to make the most of your small office, turn to color theory for help. Lighter colors can help a small space to appear larger; natural lighting can help to improve mood and productivity in your small office.

Yellow tones inspire creativity, blue tranquility, and green boosts mood. Additionally, light, minimal furniture—like the ZGO Solutions Harbor standing desk collection—keeps your space from feeling cramped while giving you the flexibility to work in ways that feel good.

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Make Your Workspace a Natural Extension of the Room

Working from home is a trend that’s here to stay. If your at-home office was hastily designed, it’s time to reconsider how you integrate your desk and other items into the overall room.

One design hack to make a small home office feel larger is to blend the design of your workspace with your existing decor, you can make the overall space feel bigger and natural. A popular way to achieve this effect is to convert a closet into a workspace. All you need to do is removing the shelving unit, paint the closet interior, add lighting and your desk, and you have an at-home office that fits seamlessly with the rest of the room.

Clear Away Clutter

As we mentioned earlier, a little bit of clutter goes a long way in a small space. If you’re looking built-in solution to help manage visual distractions, ZGO Solutions’ Smart System includes intuitive cable management systems that hide otherwise distracting cords in between privacy panels. The Smart System won’t help you organize stacks of papers, but it will ensure you never have to worry about stray cords and cables again.

Invest in Minimalist, Scandinavian Furniture

In addition to taking up a lot of floorspace, large furniture is visually heavy. Sleek, minimal furniture keeps a small space from feeling craped, both visually and physically.

Scandinavian standing desks offer users flexibility to work in ways that feel good to them (standing or sitting), which can make your small space feel larger, more comfortable, and versatile.

ZGO Solutions specializes in creating minimalist, functional, and beautiful pieces that are flow naturally with your space. We’re proud of our versatile lines of office desks, such as the Harbor collection as the pinnacle of customization, visual appeal, functionality, and ergonomics.

Electric Standing Desk Frames for Your Office

If you’re looking for simple design hacks for your small office, there is almost no better route than utilizing standing desks.

The ZGO Solutions Harbor collection utilizes electric motors that operate quietly to avoid office disturbances and easily adjust the entire desktop to custom heights. With just the push of a button, you can be comfortably standing at the exact right height for you, ergonomically benefitting your body and your work.

And for those workers making the most of their home offices, eZGO offers all the benefits of a commercial-grade standing desk, designed to fit your at-home environment.

ZGO Solutions: Your Go-To Resource for Functional, Beautiful Standing Desks—for Offices of any Size

Don’t let a small office space have the last word on your productivity. Take control of your workspace by having it work for you. ZGO Solutions has desking systems that can help your office become more functional, simplistic, and beautiful. Learn more about the Harbor line of desks or the work from home-friendly eZGO line by reading about the full lineups on our website. If you have any questions about finding a desking system that is right for you, contact us today!