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Harbor Freestanding Electric 3L

The Harbor Freestanding desk frame is perfect for creating rearrangeable single-user setups.


  • Operation


  • Height Range

    Extended: 550-1212mm / 21.7-47.7'' | Standard: 625-1287mm / 24.6''-50.7''

  • Leg Quantity

    3 Leg

  • Stroke

    662mm / 26''

  • Leg Stage

    3 Stage

  • Speed

    36mm / 1.4'' per second

  • Motor

    3 Motor

  • Load Capacity

    150kg / 331Ibs

Smart System™

Redefining the Traditional Height Adjustable Table

Get Smart. An intelligent and innovative approach to height adjustable table frames, the Smart System is a collection of components that provide uncompromising stability, simplified assembly, and unlimited design options. The Smart System provides 5x faster installation with less than half of the components and materials required for traditional installation methods.

  • Smart Rim

    The central component to the Smart System, the Smart Rim is responsible for the connection of all Smart components. The Smart Rim features a 2-screw installation process for faster installation and easy reconfigurations.

  • Smart Beam

    Working in tandem with the Smart Rim and the overall structure, the Smart Beam provides unparalleled stability and strength with minimal assembly.

  • Smart Top Frame

    With 5x faster installation compared to traditional construction, the Quick Connect system of our Smart Top Frame facilitates easy installation and reconfiguration with one simple step.

  • Smart Cable Management

    A cleaner way to hide cables without compromising the design of the desk. The scissor-shaped cord manager moves seamlessly as the user adjusts the desk. The top cable tray easily clicks into the tabletop, while providing the option for tabletop power.

  • Smart Trim Options

    Add an extra pop of color to your desk’s feet or trim in any of our standard colors or in your own custom brand color. All of our Smart System components are available in colorful parts.

  • Smart Screen

    An innovative, uncomplicated connection from screen to beam. No secondary attachment required. Customize the Smart Screen color in any color combination imaginable.

  • From sleek to colorful, the combinations are endless

    When you customize your smart desk system, you can choose grounding colors or colors that excite the mind in any combination! Contact our team to learn more about all the smart system options.


Leg Size

70 x 70mm / 2.76 x 2.76'' | 80 x 50mm / 3.15 x 1.97"

Color & Surface

White / Gray / Black - Smooth

  • White – Smooth

  • Gray – Smooth

  • Black – Smooth

  • Custom – Smooth

Top Frame

  • Traditional Top Frame
    Standard Connect + Standard Leg

    Traditional install; Screwing required

    Standard Leg
    Integrates with Traditional or Hybrid Top Frame

  • Hybrid Top Frame
    Standard Connect + Smart or Standard Leg

    Traditional install; Screwing required

    Smart Leg
    Integrates with Smart or Hybrid Top Frame

End Pipe

500mm / 600mm / 700mm / 300mm (for adjustable third leg)

Feet Type

30D / 45D / 90D / Solid / Basic / Smart / Adjustment Feet (third leg)

  • Steel feet bending at 30 degrees.

  • Aluminum feet cutting at 45 degrees.

  • Aluminum feet cutting at 90 degrees.

  • Solid steel feet.

  • Basic Steel feet at 90 degrees.

  • Smart Steel feet with accent color.

Feet Version

T-Leg / C-Leg

Feet Length

600mm / 750mm

Choose the suitable Feet Length according to your tabletop size.

Control Units

    M1, M2, AND M3

    • For 1, 2, & 3 motor systems (M1 = 1 motor, M2 = 2 motors, M3 = motors)
    • All in one output power from 110 to 240V, usable in any region based on selected power supply cord
    • Energy savings during non-use
    • Low standby power consumption: 0.1w
    • 1 motor at 150w; 2 motors at 300w; 3 motors at 420w output power
    • Compatible with all ZGO remotes
    • Reaction time: 65 microseconds
    • Frame height display in cm or inch
    • Obstruction response with sensitivity range options
    • Up to 3 memory positions
    • Factory reset options
    • Range of movement settings (container-stop/shelf-stop positions)
    • Cascading: Connect up to 16 ZGO Control Units
    • Auto run: An automated adjustment cycle to test product
    • Handset lock: Lock the remote control to avoid accidental adjustment

    • For 2 & 3 motor systems (E2 = 2 motors, E3 = 3 motors)
    • Separate control units available with US and EU power output voltage
    • Energy savings during non-use
    • Low standby power consumption: 0.3w (0.1w available for EU version)
    • 2 motors at 288w; 3 motors at 360w output power
    • Compatible with all ZGO remotes except LED display
    • Reaction time: 50 milliseconds
    • Frame height display in cm or inch
    • ISP (Intelligent System Protection)
    • Up to 6 memory positions
    • Factory reset options
    • Range of movement settings (container-stop/shelf-stop positions)
    • Cascading: Connect up to 4 COMPACT Control Units

Remote Controls

LED Display

  • Two Button – White

    Two Button – Black

  • Five Button – White



    Five Button – Black

Angle Two Button / Flat Two Button / Two Button without Display / Six Button Programmable / Two Button Touch Screen / Five Button Touch Screen

  • Angle Two Button:

    Simple two-button remote. Economical up/down switch mounted to the underside of the tabletop.

  • Flat Two Button:

    Simple two-button remote. Economical up/down switch mounted to the underside of the tabletop and hidden away.

Six Button Programmable

Programmable remote. Up/down switch with programmable positions and digital height display.

Power Cable

Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Ireland, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, China, Japan, South Africa, USA, Canada, India, Taiwan, Brazil, Thailand, Israel

Power Type

110 - 240V

Connection Cable

0.5m / 1.0m / 1.5m

Add Ons

  • Table Tops

  • BlueTooth

    Set and adjust the height of your desk with our Bluetooth connection capability and the ZGO Solutions App. 

  • Cable Tray

    Cable Tray – Fixed
    600mm / 800mm / 1000mm / 1200mm / 1400mm

    Cable Tray – Adjustable
    800mm+400mm / 1100+700mm

    Easily gather equipment wires, chargers, and power strips and keep them out of sight. Choose the suitable Cable Tray according to your tabletop size.

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