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Introducing eZGO: New Solutions for a Better Work from Home Experience

Working from home is no longer an exception—the COVID-19 pandemic made it the norm. As workplaces reopen, employers and employees are seeking a balance between the best parts of working at home and being in the office. Whether your team is going to continue working from home or you’re implementing a “hybrid strategy” focused on distributed work choice, high quality desking solutions need to be part of that plan.

At ZGO Solutions, we’ve always prioritized ergonomics to promote productivity. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that all professional furniture needs to be as adjustable as our understanding of how work gets done. Keep reading to find out how we’re now using this concept to improve the work from home experience with a new line of budget-minded standing desks.

New eZGO Adjustable Desks: Designed for Commercial Use, Scaled to the Home Office

Working from home shouldn’t mean compromising your health with low-quality desks. It also shouldn’t require you to spend a fortune on a home office setup.

The eZGO series is based on the design and durability of our UL-962 commercial-grade standing desks, but have been optimized to suit the performance, scale, and dimensions needed for the home office environment. Plus, the finished product is priced for a home office budget.

When we designed the eZGO collection, we focused on three factors employees and organizations expect from a work from home desk:

  • Performance that conforms to individuals, not the working population
  • Safe, drop-shippable ISTA 3A packaging
  • Size & scale that fits well into your space from 24×48 to 30×60 workspaces

With an eZGO desk, users enjoy a sleek, freestanding design with performance scalability from 154 to 264-pound weight capacity. Quiet, electric height-changing single or dual-motors transition quickly and effortlessly between sitting and standing heights with the push of a button (no need for a standing desk converter). Anti-collision and gyroscope technology ensure the desk stays balanced and sturdy, providing protection for secondary users such as children or pets.

Products built for the traditional office must meet the various changes in the size and shape of the North American working population, and often reflect the price points necessary to achieve these requirements. Our eZGO series offers the exact performance we need and at prices that fit our budget.

Health Benefits of an Electric Standing Desk

A height adjustable standing desk offers physical and mental health benefits that you can’t get from just any computer desk.

Employees stand at all different heights, and a typical desk riser can’t offer the range of settings to suit all of them. A quality electric standing desk can ease neck, leg, and back pain by helping workers find the exact height ranges they need to sit and stand comfortably.

Height adjustment supports mental health by contributing to a streamlined work environment. While a laptop stand elevates one screen, what about using dual monitors or jotting notes onto paper? Your eZGO electric height adjustable desk places everything you need at your fingertips to minimize stress and keep projects moving.

Hassle-Free Shipping to Your Office

Unlike the typical project based commercial-grade frame, a home office desk is individually packed and shipped to the home. Shipping product directly to the home requires the use of a reliable network of shippers and durable, drop-shippable parcels. Our eZGO packaging was tested in accordance to ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) testing standards, the most widely used in the e-commerce industry with members including Fedex, Sam’s Club, and Amazon.

Not only does this keep your eZGO desk safe on its quick trip to you—it supports the competitive price points our customers love.

Workplace Zen for Every Office with eZGO

Employers are coming to understand the importance of balance and aesthetics in the workplace. Whether it’s live plants or attractive, versatile desks, these details boost employee moods and promote a vibrant, productive environment.

It’s important to extend that culture into the home office as more people work remotely. Many employees prefer to have a designated workspace, meaning not on the bed or at the dining room table. Even if these spots are good for concentration, they probably aren’t ergonomically sound enough for lengthy work sessions.

An eZGO desk makes it possible to stay balanced with a work surface specifically designed for professional performance. It gives you the freedom to sit or stand as your body moves through the workday and has the durability and safety technology you’d expect in a commercial office.

Of course, everyone wants a desk that looks inviting. An eZGO desk brings Zen to the home office with our signature aesthetic: Clean lines, neutral textures, and comfortable functionality. The simplicity, inspired by Scandinavian design and Chinese engineering, complements any residential or commercial interior.

ZGO Solutions’ unique approach of high design, customization, and Zen environments empowers workers, managers, companies, and dealers to focus on health and productivity at every level.

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Learn More About ZGO Solutions’ Ergonomic Standing Desks

ZGO Solutions is passionate about improving workplaces around the world. To learn which of our products are the right standing desks for your needs, visit the collections page on our website for descriptions and images of our full range of standing desks. Many lines include accessories and components such as cable management, colorful components, and programmable preset height settings.

We’ll be glad to answer your questions and prepare your order today! Please call the office nearest you or fill in the simple contact form on our website to get started.