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How to Hide Ugly Cords at Your Desk

A tangle of cords is unsightly and can cause stress by making it hard to find what you need. Whether you’re in the office or working from home, cord management doesn’t have to be difficult.

In this post, we’ll share some DIY tips for managing messy cord situations. We’ll also discuss built-in management systems that can make your cord tangles practically invisible.

Easy DIY Hacks for Hiding Desk Cords

Think of all the things in an office space that need cords and cables: computers, chargers, printers, routers, and more. It doesn’t take long for all those cords to look messy and become tangled, especially if your workspace is also a living space. But finding a solution to managing all those cords can take some creative thinking.

If your desk is against a wall, managing cords is as easy as taking durable twist ties or zip ties and bundling them together to plug in behind the desk. If you have ties in multiple colors, code the cords by putting ties of the same color at the tops and bottoms of each.

For a simple desk that’s exposed on all sides, hiding cords is a bit trickier. Here are a few tips.

Match Your Cords to the Desk

The cord that runs from your monitor to the edge of the desk will be far less noticeable if it’s the same color as the desk (or at least not in stark contrast). Even if your device came with a black or white cord, it’s easy to swap the stock cord out for something that blends better with the desk surface.

Bundle Cords on the Desk’s Underside

You can find numerous products designed to bundle cords together underneath or behind the desk. ZGO Solutions offers many options to keep cords organized and prevent them from dangling. We know that hiding cords can get tricky when you’re using power consoles for tabletop power. So, we developed our Smart Cable Tray to keep all power cords out of sight using a tasteful, innovative design. The Smart Cable Tray requires no mechanical attachment to the underside of the tabletop, and it can match the color of your ZGO felt privacy screen or accent pieces.

Use Desk Legs or Baseboards to Hide Cords

At some point, power cords have to reach the wall outlet or power strip. You can use stationary furniture or wall structures to conceal cords. Use zip ties, Velcro strips, or adhesive to run cords beneath the desk and down the desk legs. You can also tuck cords behind baseboards or even under rugs.

If all else fails, pick up some paintable cord covers and hide the cord in plain sight!

Swap Hard Drives for Thumb Drives

Hard drives, even when they’re small, still need to be plugged into the computer. Now that it’s easy and affordable to get thumb drives with significant storage, you may want to switch to thumb drives and eliminate your external hard drive altogether.

Invest in the Smart System From ZGO Solutions

Whether you’re using a freestanding or back-to-back desking system from ZGO Solutions, you have many options. As collaboration becomes more and more essential in the workplace, many companies are utilizing back-to-back desking applications. However, cable management can become an issue.

Our patented Smart Screen not only provides optional privacy between users but serves as an innovative form of cable management. With the Smart Screen, you can route cords in and through the screen to keep those ugly cords invisible.

If you decide not to use a Smart Screen, you can use our scissor-shaped cord manager to route wires and cables down the tabletop to the bottom beam. The sleek profile of our Smart Scissor moves seamlessly as you adjust your desk. This unique cord manager provides a beautiful touch to your desk and enables a quick shift between sitting and standing positions. And just like with our Smart Screen, you never need to install any screws into the structure of the desk.

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Learn More About ZGO Solution’s Built-in Cable Management

Far easier than learning how to hide cords at your desk is having a desk system that does the work for you. Unlike traditional desks, more forward-thinking solutions are designed for connected work and aimed at workers who need to stay plugged in without sacrificing flexibility or aesthetics.

Today’s best desking solutions have a sleek appearance, can adjust to sitting or standing height, and include integrated cord management systems.

ZGO’s Harbor Collection

At ZGO, we’ve created the Harbor Collection to be customizable, adaptable, and ergonomic. With freestanding and back-to-back versions, this desk system will quickly upgrade your workspace.

The Harbor Collection also provides the ultimate cord management solution. With table-top power consoles and cord managers that move seamlessly and adapt to adjustments, our desking solutions in the Harbor Collection keep your options open and your cords hidden.

ZGO Solutions: Building a Workstation That Works

At ZGO Solutions, we offer height adjustable sit-to-stand tables and add-ons to help you work more comfortably and productively. Choose a style, customize it with color options and add-ons, and make it yours.

Ready to build your perfect desking solution? Contact us today to get started.

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