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Boost Workplace Balance With These 4 Simple Changes

A healthy and balanced work environment helps reduce stress, increase job satisfaction, and boost productivity. However, with all the stress and pressure of the modern workplace, it can be difficult to stay relaxed and focused when you’re on the clock.

Thankfully, you can take simple, proactive steps to promote workplace balance and jumpstart your productivity for sustained success. This includes private workstations, getting rid of clutter, improving posture, and caring for a desk plant.

In this blog, we’ll outline how you can boost workplace balance with these 4 simple changes.

Getting Started With Workplace Balance

A balanced office is designed to meet your and your employees’ needs. This means designated workspaces where people have what they need to do their best work without stress, distraction, or discomfort.

Here are four ways to improve balance in your office.

1. Make Private Workstations a Priority

Before the coronavirus pandemic, open layouts were the latest workplace trend, despite research suggesting that they’re incredibly distracting. One way to counter the interruptions and distractions of an open layout is to create private workspaces. You can use desk dividers or even set up private offices where workers can do more focused work and protect your workers from the spread of airborne illnesses like COVID-19.

2. Reduce Visual Distractions

Scandinavian minimalism has endured for so long because it’s practical, comfortable, and attractive. Take a page out of their book and increase balance by clearing workspaces of clutter and visual distractions. Hide ugly cords, recycle old papers, and get rid of anything on your desk that you don’t need. If you have items on your desk that you must address (such as invoices or reports), you should create a filing system to keep documents organized while remaining out of sight. You’ll feel better and you’ll have a clear head, allowing you to focus on doing great work instead of navigating all that clutter.

3. Improve Your Posture

Whether you’re working from home or in an office, slumping over your desk puts unnatural pressure on the muscles, ligaments, and vertebrae in your back — causing pain and discomfort over long-term. One way to address back pain, especially in the neck and lower back, is to adjust your desk and chair to be ergonomically correct. Having your computer screen at eye level, for example, can relieve stress on your neck. Or, working at a standing desk can improve your posture, help you move throughout the day, and burn more calories than you would while sitting down.

4. Care for a Desk Plant

Live plants in the office have proven again and again to improve everything from office air quality to stress levels, decreasing the number of sick days an employee takes while increasing productivity and work quality. Large plants in the office also help reduce noise when they’re placed strategically throughout your space, which eliminates one of the most common workplace distractions.

ZGO Desk Solutions Promote Balance and Productivity

If you’re looking to increase the balance and productivity in your office, consider investing in office furnishings that work hard for your health. At ZGO Solutions, boosting workplace balance is one of our core principles. Everything we design is centered on the end user’s experience, and desk solutions are uniquely designed to promote balance and wellness — in addition to looking sleek and beautiful in any office space.

One of our most versatile and comprehensive collections is the Harbor desk system. Available in freestanding and back-to-back options, the Zen offers users:

  • Privacy
  • Ergonomics
  • Quick assembly
  • Simple, beautiful design

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ZGO Solutions Is Here to Help You Promote Workplace Balance and Productivity

Are you ready to increase balance, health, and productivity in your office? ZGO Solutions is here to help. Our beautiful, ergonomic desks are designed with you in mind. To learn how we can help you find the best desking solution for your unique office space, please contact us today.


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