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User Guide

ZGO App Bluetooth Remote Control

1. Download App for Your Device

You can Search “ZGO” in App Store
or Click Here

You can Search “ZGO” in Google Play
or Click Here

You can directly download
the app for Android Click Here

2. Connect Your Hardware


3. Connect Your Device


1. Open the App and the home page will display the guide page for connecting to the table. After ensuring that your mobile phone Bluetooth is turned on, click the “Connect” button on the guide page to enter the QR code scanning interface, scan the QR code attached to the lifting table, and connect the table to Bluetooth after successful identification. When there is insufficient light, you can click the Open Flash button in the lower right corner.


2. You can also click the input number button at the bottom of the scan code page to enter the last 8 digits of the print number of the control box attached to the lift table for Bluetooth connection.




After the connection is successful, it will enter the control page. You can control the table lift in two ways:

Instant lifting

  • On the control page, you can flexibly control the lifting of the table by long pressing the up and down buttons.

Standing and Siting lifting

  • The control page has standing and sitting posture buttons, which can be directly raised and lowered to the preset height by clicking the button.

Lock & unlock

When the app is connected to the table, if you don’t want to accidentally touch the control button, you can click the “lock” switch on the control page, your control page will be locked, all the buttons will be invalid; when you click the lock button again, you can unlock this function.


Disconnect the current table by clicking the Disconnect button on the control page.



Fitness & Statistics



UserInfo Setting

Click the Settings button to go to the personal information editing page. Personal information editing has an impact on calorie consumption. In order to calculate this data more accurately, we recommend that you set accurate data.

Height Setting

On this page you can set the height of the station sitting button on the control page and switch the unit of measure in the app.