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5 Essential Features in an Upscale Executive Desk

Traditional, solid wood executive desks are stately, large, and often weigh as much as a young elephant. As younger professionals move into C-suite positions, they’re increasingly interested in trading these legacy designs for something that’s more contemporary and ergonomic.

If you’re designing a modern office and are in the market for an upscale executive desk that’s contemporary and functional without sacrificing style, you’re in the right place. In this article, we outline five essential features to look for in an executive desk, and how ZGO Solutions’ Zen desk fits the bill.

Shopping for a Contemporary, Upscale Office Desk? Look for These 5 Features

Executive offices and workspaces don’t have to be stuffy. Choosing the right office furniture, especially your executive desk, sets the tone for your office, your work, and your life. If you’re on the lookout for an upscale solution, keep these five features in mind.

1. Storage

A casegood is a type of storage solution that can function as a freestanding unit or as part of a larger whole. Any section of a desk with file cabinet drawers, a credenza, hutch, or a bookcase is considered a casegood, and is an essential feature in executive desks.

The ZGO Solutions’ Zen L-shaped executive desk includes a height-adjustable portion and a casegood section so you can maintain the security, storage, and tradition of an executive desk without losing the practical storage features you need.

2.  Privacy Panel

Modern executive desks typically don’t include a solid wooden panel at the front of the desk, blocking the view of your knees and feet. Removing this panel updates the design, but the user loses an element of privacy protection.

Add-on privacy panel options fit along the underside of the desktop and offer an additional layer of security and privacy so you can work comfortably without the risk of an accidental immodest moment.

3. Smart System Components

Your executive desk should be as smart as you are! When you’re choosing an executive desk solution, look for components that allow you to customize and enhance your workstation, including cable management tools, smart frame options that make assembly simple, and smart trim options that add a pop of color.

4. Height-Adjustable Features

Your employees love the benefits of using a standing desk—something you should be able to enjoy, too. The ZGO Solutions Zen executive desk includes a height-adjustable feature so you can not only adjust your desk to the correct ergonomic height while you sit, but the L-shaped design gives you the option to adjust the desk height so you can work standing up as well.

5. Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian minimalism design elements have been trending for years—a trend that won’t be disappearing anytime soon, and for good reason. Scandinavian design focuses on the essential elements of a desk and strips away unnecessary ornamentation. Users enjoy a clean surface and office space that’s free from distractions, allowing them to focus on what matters most.

High-End Executive Desks for the Modern Office

ZGO Solutions’ catalog includes a selection of executive desks that feature Scandinavian and Zen office design elements, ergonomic features, and none of the stuffiness.

In addition to the five elements in this article, our Zen executive desk is endlessly customizable, ergonomic, and beautiful, so you can trust that your desk not only looks great in the corner office, but feels great to use, too.

  • Multiple height memory positions
  • Choose from four different color and tabletop finishing options
  • Add-on storage and privacy panel solutions
  • Colorful trim options for a personal touch
  • Intuitive cable management keeps surfaces organized
  • Easy-to-use LED displays
  • High-quality construction

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Elevate Your Executive Office Desks (Literally) With ZGO Solutions

Led by a Danish visionary, Chinese engineer, and American businessman, ZGO Solutions is proud to create desking solutions that capture the best elements of our cultures. Our desks are beautiful, functional, and designed with the future health of the earth in mind.

If you’re ready to elevate your home office space, work environment, or interior design with a luxury desk that not only looks beautiful and contemporary, but is good for your body as well, you’re in the right place. View our online catalog of executive options or reach out to discuss your needs and how we can help.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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